The Christopher Boots studio was founded on the principle of “Fiat Lux”: Let there be Light.

Established 11-11-11 through metaphysical and material exploration of quartz crystal, the studio gave birth to creating lighting with a signature aesthetic: exploring relationships between nature, architecture, symbology, geometry and geology, offering contemporary interpretations of structure, symmetry and pattern.

All works are handmade with love and care by a diverse team of skilled artisans. Collaborations with glass blowers, bronze foundries, sculptors, metal smiths and stone masons ensure a commitment to quality, underscoring an investigative sensibility, giving birth to a series of illuminating collections both alluring and unexpectedly visceral.

The studio designs, prototypes and builds in Melbourne, Australia, honouring traditional elements of form, proportion and scale, marrying traditional and cutting edge materials with various techniques, creating future collectibles designed for transforming architecture.

The work of the studio has been displayed at Hermès, Rossana Orlandi, National Gallery of Victoria, Parliament House, Cassina, amongst countless private collections in New York, Dubai, Tokyo, Moscow and Paris.

Collaborating with architects, interior designers and private clients fuels the dialogue between worlds we all transverse.


Born 1979, Christopher Boots is driven by a love of nature and light with a commitment to nothing short of excellence. Trained in Industrial Design, Boots’ focus is creating lighting, interpreted as sculptural objects. 

Boots looks to classical and metaphysical worlds, honouring elegant proportions, precise details, and a highly developed sculptural sense; along the journey suggesting mythical ideas about creation and change.

He is a dedicated craftsman, seeking to elevate and transform materials in ways that highlight their natural beauty. After studying literature and linguistics, Boots graduated from the National School of Design (Melbourne), establishing his eponymous studio on 11-11-11, releasing his first lighting collection later that year.

Boots lives in Melbourne, Australia, and in The Before Times, spent several months of the year between Los Angeles and the European Union.