When the CHRISTOPHER BOOTS studio was approached by Cartier at the end of 2022 to create lighting pieces for their Australian flagship in Sydney, it held great significance because of the longstanding collaborative relationship between the two brands. It also symbolised an important moment for the studio to create indelible lighting for a significant retail space on its home soil.

Approaching this collaboration it was integral to spotlight the ongoing partnership and parallels between CHRISTOPHER BOOTS and Cartier. The shared history, having created pieces over the years for Shanghai, Copenhagen, Bangkok, Doha, Brisbane and notably the newly renovated New York Mansion, and the shared language around materiality, luxury and connection to nature, making for a harmonious partnership.

Both CHRISTOPHER BOOTS and Cartier draw inspiration from the natural world, embracing the beauty of flora, fauna and minerals. Materials become storytellers, communicating a history and connection to land, imbuing a space or moment in time with beauty.

Materiality is a guiding tenet of the CHRISTOPHER BOOTS studio, shaping the landscape for collaboration and innovation. This is echoed in the rich textural interior of the Cartier flagship – being a testament and celebration of a profound connection to the Australian landscape. The clear quartz crystal that adorns the CHRISTOPHER BOOTS pieces is uncovered from the same scorched earth that cradles it, telling an important story of resilience, timelessness and enduring beauty. The sand-cast bronze crafted by local foundries mimics the rugged terrain of the Australian outback.

For the Sydney flagship, a PETRA III in clear quartz – harkening back to previous collaborations for the Shanghai and New York boutiques adds an architectural jewellery-like quality to the space. A cluster of PROMETHEUS I and PROMETHEUS II appear to vibrate in mid-air like sonic waves. The focal point, a custom cluster of staggered clear quartz crystal STALACTITES supported by cast bronze rods appearing to mimic tree branches – a custom touch and nod to the nature-inspired furnishings – decorates the central stairwell of a multi-level spiralling staircase.

The intrinsic connection to the natural world, shared by CHRISTOPHER BOOTS and Cartier, serves as a poetic thread. In essence, this collaboration not only illuminates the physical space but also metaphorically sheds light on the enduring bond between CHRISTOPHER BOOTS and Cartier. The lighting installations serve as a testament to shared values, inspirations, and commitment to crafting narratives that transcend time and captivate the essence of beauty, art and luxury.

To discover more about the project and see some behind the scenes footage, watch the short film here.