OIL BURNER Awaken senses and space.

The OIL BURNER transcends simple function, inviting you into a profound sensory journey. Conceived through a collaboration between Christopher Boots and Salus, it serves as a compass to your own olfactory "home."

Rooted in the richness of onyx and brass, its form resonates with elemental connection, urging you to inhale deeply. More than an object; it's a key to a sanctuary where scent orchestrates mood and atmosphere.

Let the OIL BURNER guide you towards enriching your environment, enlivening your senses, and discovering your own sanctuary within.


Carved Onyx
Cast Brass


  • Dimensions: 95 mm H x 100 mm W x 100 mm D
    3.74" H x 3.93" W x 3.93" D

  • Weight: ~1kg

Details & Notes:

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