OIL BURNER Sensorial Calm

Crafted by hand, the OIL BURNER transforms your environment into a space of calm and reflection, honouring the timeless practice of burning essential oils.

Conceived through a collaboration between Christopher Boots and Salus, it merges the elemental beauty of carved onyx and cast brass to create a soothing experience.

Engage in an ancient ceremonial ritual to pause in time and space, exploring the profound impact of introspection. May the OIL BURNER guide you to inner clarity.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." Carl Jung.


Carved Onyx
Cast Brass


  • Dimensions: 95 mm H x 100 mm W x 100 mm D
    3.74" H x 3.93" W x 3.93" D

  • Weight: ~1kg

Details & Notes:

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