CALENDAR Your transcendental guide, and astral consult to the planetary rhythms.

In the quietude of late-night hours, Christopher crafted this calendar as a tribute to the ancient flows of time and the celestial dance of the heavens.

The calendar, a silent testament, speaks of our existence within an immense cosmic mechanism - a boundless orchestration of galaxies, solar systems, and planets.

You are encouraged to examine your place within our solar system and explore contemporary methods of measuring time.

Leave the screen behind, and delve into a practice of material sentiments.

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Off-White A0 Archival 250gsm Paper


  • Dimensions: 841 mm W × 1189 mm H
    33.1" W × 46.8" H

  • Weight: 250gsm

Details & Notes:

©2024 Christopher Boots

Calendars are shipped in packing tubes.

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