Petra Launch, Melbourne

POSTED 20 JUN 2018

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who attended the launch, photos from the event available here.

PETRA (from the Greek word Πέτρα, meaning stone) celebrates the complexity and subtleties in the material composition in Quartz that PETRA is made from. Evoking strong connections to deep earth geology, PETRA radiates light through subtle tones and snaking veins of Quartz.

Two years of experimentation, play and refinement has resulted in the release of a full range of new luminaries including linear pendants, circular pendants, and sconces in a multitude of arrangements. Available in Clear, Smoky and Rose Quartz, PETRA is also the first Christopher Boots line to offer various Quartz colourations.

Large slabs of polished Quartz stone levitate effortlessly in space, reflecting the world around them through their delicate translucency. There is a play here between the weight of the stone and the grace of their suspension, referencing Atlas, a Titan from Greek mythology. In long told fables, Atlas was punished by Zeus and tasked to bear on his shoulders the sky – forever looking over the axis between heavens and earth. What is heavy, can also be light: the burden Atlas carries is full of beauty both in its natural form and human connections within it.

PETRA reflects a world of beauty, expanding this dichotomy both physically and metaphysically.

Released under the Capricorn Full Moon in the Christopher Boots Melbourne Atelier, the studio is pleased to share the light that PETRA brings to our world.


Images by John Tsiavis and Guy Lavoipierre