Thank you to everyone who attended the launch, we appreciate all of your support.

CHRONOS asked the viewer to consider each piece within these three contexts while being aware of the speculative nature of time.

The launch was an immersive multi-sensory presentation of three new lighting fixtures and reimagined debut designs.

Each piece draws links to the past, present and future: of the studio, materials, and technology used and the processes implemented.


Meteor: Implements a gradation of Smokey to clear natural quartz conveying the dynamism and movement of cosmic plummeting to earth.


Abacus: Dating back to 3000 BC, the Abacus is a sophisticated tool still in use today, sliding stones across a rod, ancient Greek statesman, complex equations using this tool. Abacus investigates this simple and loaded gesture and allows for the placement of jewel drops and brass clasped quartz, at practically any point along horizontal brass beams.


Bucky Vitrine: Originally inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic biosphere for the Montreal 1967 exposition, Bucky Vitrine re-materialises this class CHRISTOPHER BOOTS fixture.