Private Residence, South Yarra Victoria

Location: Melbourne
Completed: 2016

The process of making a light establishes a certain intimacy between the object and the individual. As makers, we have developed a close relationship with every weld mark, drill point, crystal and LED that together form the work. Each light, before it leaves the studio, has been lovingly handled by the person who made it, and who knows it better than anyone else. This however, is just the beginning.

Once our lights leave the studio and become part of a home, their life force extends beyond that of simply an object. They are absorbed into the magic assemblage of an interior – they are lived with and lived by, related to and appreciated in a completely new way.

This particular project is an absolute favourite of the whole studio, as the brief allowed us to develop new pieces, customise design elements and explore fresh iterations of existing work, showcased within a gorgeous environment.

Featuring a 21 arm BCAA in Dark Bronze and Polished Brass above the dining table, Prometheus I, II & III pendant lights in the kitchen and entryway, a confection of Sugar Bombs in the bathroom, and crystal encrusted Pythagoras Wall Sconces, in this residence the lighting becomes jewellery, accentuating the scale and materiality of the interior.