Nestled in Manalapan, Florida, this palatial home spanning several stories envelopes its residents and any visitors in its meandering tranquil spaces.

Designed and built by vanguards of the industry Marc-Michaels; principle, Marc Thee, senior project manager Michael Cohen, and senior designer, interior detailing, Lauren Alspaugh were entrusted with this repeat client’s primary residence. Collaboration was key in this project as it gave their clients an opportunity to be involved in more of the design process.

Having collaborated on a number of significant projects together over the years, Christopher Boots and Marc-Michaels are contemporaries in the luxury interiors industry having established a rich synergy.

A neutral colour palette cements the interiors, setting a calm mood for the rest of the property, which intensifies in colour as you progress through the home.

Gentle narrative threads are integrated through stone-clad columns, providing a foundation and structure to the property. These elements imitate the smooth lines left by water rising and receding on the sandy shore, adding depth and complexity to the design.

“The living room is where the home’s extraordinary lighting selections are established, starting with custom Oracle pendants by Christopher Boots.” – Michael Cohen

In the living room, Marc-Michaels introduces a custom ORACLE – its orbital rings mimicked in beautiful harmony on the adjacent wall.

“We wanted something both dramatic and contemporary. Instead of the circles being interlocking and linear, they are positioned at varying distances and angles to fill the space. The round fixtures add a softness to the otherwise rectilinear space.” – Michael Cohen

The Marc-Michaels team have achieved coastal serenity and an assertively modern interior perfect for entertaining. The Christopher Boots lighting adds a dynamic movement to the living space with its annular lines and material warmth of ORACLE.

Photography: Jessica Glynn