Situated in Carlton, this grand multi-level urban development is a showcase of high-quality finishes and architectural excellence. Throughout, CHRISTOPHER BOOTS lighting has almost exclusively been featured – a staggering 29 light fixtures.

The opulent choice of materials used throughout this 4-bed home – which features an indoor tennis court, pool, gym, library, Turkish spa, and rooftop garden – perfectly complements and accentuates the selection of CHRISTOPHER BOOTS fixtures.

A beautiful play happens throughout the property, between the exquisitely detailed finishes like the solid marble skirting – carved solid marble mirroring the curved walls – and the raw nature of the uncut quartz crystal. There is a harmony between the warmth of the brass, the travertine surfaces and the rich piled carpets, all materials were sourced with consideration around luxury.

SUGAR BOMB sconces, bursts of crystalline brilliance dot the walkways illuminating one’s path through the winding marble-clad walkways. Geometric smoky-gradient PYTHAGORAS sconces frame double vanities in the master bathroom and peak out of undulating organic marble formations in the guest bathroom. PROMETHEUS I crowns the living room, hovering angelically above the entertainment area and bringing a soft radiating luminescence to the space. Eleven ABACUS crystal drops dangle above the Arabescato Breccia marble kitchen – a timeless application of the fixture – whilst in the adjoining space, an ORACLE illuminates a sculptural dining table.

The magnum opus of the property and the first thing any lucky visitor is likely to see upon stepping through the (equally as impressive) front doors, is a 1.8m diameter clear crystal quartz  DIAMOND RING levitating gracefully above them as they enter the cavernous entry hall. It took five weeks of solid crystalling by a team of skilled artisans to complete and is (one of the many) crowning jewels of this remarkable property.