LKID is a New York City based interior design firm that provides full-scale design services to clients across the USA. With over 20 years in the design industry, Lisa Kanning expertly leads LKID in achieving unique and luxurious surroundings for their clients.

For this Montana getaway, the clients were not necessarily looking to build another secondary residence, but when they saw the lot and had the chance to acquire it, they jumped at the opportunity. We speak with Lisa Kanning who offers insight into the design process and discusses the custom NEPENTHES used in the project.


CHRISTOPHER BOOTS: What was the original design concept/brief for the project?

LISA KANNING: The goal of the team was to create a luxurious mountain retreat for the clients and their guests, whilst ensuring the residence was family-friendly and functional. Maximizing views was key, as was maintaining an ideal balance of materials, both rustic and modern.

BOOTS: What was the material palette?

KANNING: The material palette was kept relatively neutral to allow the views and the art to maintain prominence. A play on textures in the materials was integral to create interest in the spaces.

BOOTS: What was the intended mood and atmosphere of the space?

KANNING: As avid art collectors, an important requirement was space to showcase the families growing acquisitions, as they were in the process of inheriting the lifelong collection of a family member. The merged collection consists of many important works by both globally and locally renowned artists, with a focus on large and smaller scale ceramic sculpture.

BOOTS: How did the Christopher Boots lighting help achieve this atmosphere?

KANNING: Lighting fixtures were thoughtfully selected to provide both form and function without detracting from the views and the incredible art collection. The custom Nepenthes fixture in the staircase is a fantastic example of a fixture that really frames the views and art of the space, while standing out and being beautiful on its own merit.


Interior Design: Lisa Kanning Interior Design
Photo: Gibeon Photo
Architect: Pearson Design Group
Builder: Highline Partners