CURIOSITY CABINET Collectible Heirloom Design

CURIOSITY CABINET is a collectible design piece offering a cosmic reflection on the perception of time.

Encrusted in lapis lazuli, the hard exterior creates saturated patterns of colour, interspersed with cast bronze handles, industrial diamonds, cast bronze discs, naturally occurring cubic pyrite and disc pyrite, sitting on four hand shaped pyrite spheres.

Each precious mineral is meticulously considered before being hand placed, like swirling brush strokes of a Secessionist painting, creating a sarcophagus for spirits.

Twin doors open to reveal a seductively glowing interior, housing inlaid quartz crystals set into sheets of solid brass, studded with lost wax bronze brackets securing thick tempered glass shelves.

A deeply personal, visceral journey into philosophical and aesthetic investigations through a vehicle of sublime geological expressionism, CURIOSITY CABINET is not for the faint of heart.

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Available exclusively through our atelier.


Reclaimed Oak
Cast Bronze
Clear Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Lapis Lazuli
Industrial Diamonds


  • Dimensions: 970 x 500 x 1400 mm 38.2 x 55.1 x 19.6 "

  • Weight: 220 kg 485 lbs

Details & Notes:

Unique piece
Christopher Boots

Each mineral is formed by
the Earth and every piece
is unique due to natural
variation of size, shape,
colour and clarity.

The Curiosity Cabinet is
a solid fixture requiring
minor maintenance.

Treated with care, it will
shine brightly for many years
to come.

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