“WUNDERKAMMER” a modern-day take on the classic European cabinet of curiosities, presented at the Melbourne Design Fair between May 18 – 21 2023. Visitors were immersed in a sensory experience where they were encouraged to explore both completed CHRISTOPHER BOOTS pieces and the individual elements that comprise them.

WINGS OF PEGASUS anchored the booth, a lighting installation initially designed exclusively for the Herm√®s holiday vitrines in New York. WINGS OF PEGASUS were launched into the permanent collection at Melbourne Design Fair, in both pendant and sconce iterations. Each wing features a hand-assembled gradient of natural quartz crystal and solid brass fittings, showcasing the studio’s renowned artisanal craftsmanship.

Inspired by the myth of Pegasus, the offspring of Medusa and Poseidon, and associated with the Muses, the WINGS OF PEGASUS lighting series embody the celestial beauty of its namesake constellation. The collection pays homage to the glittering qualities of the Pegasus constellation, sparking the imagination and leaving a lasting impression.

The presentation also featured four WUNDERKAMMER cabinets, each displaying a curated selection of minerals reflecting the elements found in the work of the studio. Evoking the traditions of private collectors who amassed rare artefacts, exotic specimens, and figurative models, these cabinets offer a contemporary reinterpretation of an age-old practice.

Also on display was the SPECIMEN TABLE, inspired by colonial European families’ collections of natural objects, which served as a testament to their worldly travels and symbolised wealth and privilege.

Historically, specimen tables featured inlays of natural objects like bone, timber, and semi-precious stones, narrating tales of far-off lands. Embracing this concept, the SPECIMEN TABLE showcases a selection of the minerals utilised by the studio in a practical manner, while complementing the cabinets to evoke a museum-like atmosphere.