A Triptych of Films Presented by Christopher Boots

Conceived in collaboration with renowned director John Tsiavis, and under the choreographic direction of Garry Stewart, each film sees the movements of body and space bring to life the objects the studio is renowned for.




Vivid light slashes through the sky, heralding the birth of innovation and an imminent time of dynamic creation. Meteors, seen as bearing messages of idle potential in Greek mythology, dare to dazzle observers of their cosmic wonder.


An angel watching over Earth, falls in love with a human. Their love is real and true, but grievously cut short. The angel is torn from Earth, cleaved from their lover and reluctantly restored to the heavens.


The sun, the moon, time; limitless and complete. Revolve, rotate and echo into infinity. Cycles fracture, celestial bodies are disrupted from their path and the outsider’s revolution begins.

Celebrating three iconic fixtures from the Christopher Boots collection – METEOR, OURANOS and WINGS OF PEGASUS – the concepts of myth, material and the body are united, each piece taking its cue from ancient mythology, celestial time and technical precision to create its own narrative arc.

Founded on 11 November 2011, 11-11-11 debuts to coincide with the studio’s eleventh anniversary, and applies a post-modern interpretation of classical ballet to bring movement to its signature light sculptures. The triptych extends the studio’s creative output, maintaining its hallmark aesthetic and conceptual influences by bringing the stories of ancient Greece alive for the next generation.

“The number 11 holds great significance in numerology, representing intuition and illumination, so I wanted to mark our eleventh year with a visceral story of mystery, seduction and intrigue,” explains Christopher.

“These films are the next chapter in our ongoing collaboration with John Tsiavis; the culmination of years of exploration and experimentation, otherwise known as blood, sweat and tears. As a designer of tangible objects, the ephemeral medium of film brings them to life in ways I’ve only ever dreamed; an altogether new form of artistic expression befitting this moment in time.”

“For me, the films were all about the importance of collaboration. Christopher and I have been friends and collaborators since the very beginning, and this was the perfect opportunity to bring our worlds together once more,” John adds.

“He put a lot of trust in me to take things further creatively and really experiment. We were able to connect all these different worlds — product photography, fashion, film, art, contemporary dance — and play with the idea of how these disciplines work together. There’s a real sense of fantasy and mythology in Christopher’s work, and it was all about bringing the balance of these realms to the films.”


Director: John Tsiavis
Producer: Lennon Rowe
DOP: Richard Kendall
Choreographer: Garry Stewart
Cast: Marni Green, Robert Alejandro Tinning, Benjamin
Hancock, Kimball Wong, Jack Ziesing, Rachel Coulson
Costume Designer: David Bonney
Makeup Designer: Nigel Stanislaus
Hair: Seth Dale
Editor: Chris Ward, Greg Cooper
Composer: Brendan Woithe
Grader: Lukas Schrank
Line Producer: Juliet Smith
Production Manager: Jaime Gillespie
First AD: James Miles
Gaffer: Dan Carr
Bullet: Splice Boys
Crane Tech: Jacko Panagiotou
Crane Tech Assistant: Antonio Raiola
Standby Props: Tim Disney
Lighting: Film Star Lighting