Goliath is described in the biblical Book of Samuel as a Philistine giant defeated by the young David in single combat. The story signified Saul’s unfitness to rule, as Saul himself should have fought for Israel. The phrase “David and Goliath” has taken on a more popular meaning, denotes an underdog situation, a contest where a smaller, weaker opponent faces a much bigger, stronger adversary.

GOLIATH is birthed from the origins of the ORP: Oblique Rhombic Prism; encrusted in a delicately chosen mass of clear and smoky quartz, internally illuminated.
Optimistically reminding us of humanity’s ability to overcome even the largest of challenges.

GOLIATH is available directly from the studio. Entirely hand-made according to the highest, strictest standards, GOLIATH requires the most precious of resources: time. All the time our skilled artisans need to achieve perfection. As a consequence, a waiting period is necessary for GOLIATH to be ready for delivery.

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Quartz Crystal, clear & smoky