Product Warranty


1. Christopher Boots offers a 36 month / 3 year warranty from date of receipt of balance payment on all
light fittings supplied (not installation) against mechanical defects.
2. Christopher Boots will repair or replace defective components or product within this warranty period.
3. Warranty for componentry includes:
• Led lamps and strips: 3 years / 36 months after receipt.
• Led drivers 60w: 3 years / 36 months after receipt.
• Led drivers 100w + 150w: 5 years / 60 months after receipt.
• Incandescent lamps: no warranty – no manufacturer warrants filament lamps.
4. Fixtures are labeled clearly with the maximum allowable wattage therefore responsibility of purchaser
/ end client to ensure correct lamps & wattages are compliant.
5. If unsure, please contact
6. Please note: use of higher wattage bulbs than indicated will forfeit warranty.



1. Damage caused by improper cleaning solutions or methods.
2. Damage caused by improper installation or assembly by customer or customer’s agent.
3. Damage caused by improper use of light bulbs:
• Installers ensure screwing lamps / glass lamp cover inline with trajectory of product branch +
lampholder upon lamp replacement.
• A screwing motion of slightest angle may cause cross-threading & breakage not covered
under warranty.
4. Damage caused by exposure to weather or improper environment – client to check ip rating prior to
5. Changes in appearance of hand applied finishes or unlacquered finishes.
*Please note that these finishes are designed to age in appearance.
6. Any costs of installation, removal, or re-installation.
7. Restoration, repair work & any parts purchased separately from supplied light fixtures.
8. Damage caused during shipping- all items are packed specifically for global transport.



1. Damages must be documented and reported within 7 business days of receipt.
2. Photo evidence will be required upon reporting of damage claim.
3. Christopher Boots is not responsible for repair or replacement of damages reported after this time.
4. If damage has occurred in shipping – all packaging must be retained by receiver. Failure to do so may
invalidate any claim.


1. Because of the hand-made nature of our product, we are not able to offer returns.
2. Warranty claims, however will require client to cover shipping enroute back for repair



Please contact for full details, call +61 3 9417 6501 or visit 316–328 Napier Street Fitzroy 3065 Victoria Australia